Commitment to quality

We understand our partners needs, To ensure we deliver the highest level of service we have a strategic Quality assurance approach. Along with in house training and Audits we also require our electricians to continue growing their skills and gain knowledge through industry organised workshops, briefings, updates and completion of continuous professional development programs.

We are passionate about quality and workmanship, so we are committed to deliver the highest standards, reliability and efficiency to our clients.

Distribution, exclusive partnership and exclusive product lines

Solectric Australia can offer wholesale distribution direct to site of installation.

Solectric enjoys long-standing relationships direct with manufacturers and unlike many distributors carrying multiple lines of similar product, Solectric Australia support only a selected few brands per product category. This ensures our clients are receiving a superior product at a fair price.

Partnering with large-scale solar developers and high volume retailers and installers

Solectric Australia has a well-established supply chain and can provide you with a single point of contact for all your solar needs.