We all know how hard it is to wake up on the best of days, let alone a cold winter morning and getting up from under our nice warm quilts and walking on a freezing cold tile.

Let us reduce the anxiety of walking on the cold tiles in the bathroom when getting ready for work thoughout winter by installing underfloor heating system.

An underfloor heating system is composed of an electric mat simply laid underneath the floor and instead of just warming the air in the room, they will warm the floor itself and allow the heat to rise and provide a comfortable warmth for you. We also install an under tile heating system specially designed for the shower area. Mould can be a common problem in bathrooms, especially in the shower where there is often water left in the base. The in-shower underfloor heating mat can help prevent mould through heating the shower base and drying the area quickly.

Solectric Electric Underfloor Heating Service