Evaporative cooling is one of the cheapest of all air conditioning units when it comes to running costs. The reason running costs are so low on evaporative cooling is due to the process of cooling the air, and could be likened to a nice sea breeze. Using a large fan, the outside air is sucked into the evaporative cooler through filters, these filters are continuously receiving water, cooling the air that is being drawn through the filters and blown into your duct work. Evaporative cooling is best suited to a dry climate like we have throughout our South Aussie summers.

Evaporative cooling has a low energy use, and therefor low running cost. Door and windows can be left open to have that fresh air feeling and only has a moderate purchase cost! If you are looking for a ducted evaporative air conditioner, we are most definitely able to help take care of your needs.

Solectric Australia Evaporative Cooling Service