Commercial Projects

August Tower South Australia

August Towers

Solectric was contracted for the electrical installation on a 14 story apartment building located on the fringe of the city.

Complete with a large penthouse containing a pool on the top floor and 2 large multi car stackers, this project was certainly one of the tallest!


Tesla Battery Storage in South Australia

Blanchetown, SA

This 2.28MWh commercial scale battery storage system added to a 1.4MWh solar system, was designed to reduce the customers electricity grid consumption by over 70% and carbon emissions by over 65%

Solectric Australia Commercial Solar Panels

Pt Augusta, SA

Students at this college can see in real time the benefits this 97.11kW solar system is providing to their school and the environment via reduced bills and carbon emission offsets.

Our team were able to deliver this project within its short time frame whilst also upholding the stringent quality requirements of our business.